Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Truth or consequences

Really I should be spending more time on telling you about dos and don'ts concerning your turf as the Spring season fast approaches. Instead I find myself wondering why there are so many idiots out there in the lawn care industry slandering the crap out of each other. There are enough lawns for everyone guys!

Yes, I admit there are those, who by their own actions, deserve a good tongue lashing now and again for their lack of integrity, but even in my most ruthless moments I never name the offending company or owner (in print)...let them dig their own grave, the customer isn't as stupid as they'd like to believe.

It's a competitive business, I understand that, but I have always tried to help those who I felt were reputable in this business when they sought my advice and visa-versa.

However, of late, I seem to be hearing from my alliances and customers alike that even I am not immune from attack after several reports of slander and lies against me surfaced from rival companies.

At first I was surprised until I discovered the source of the untruths that reeked more of desperation, greed and petty jealousy--- asinine comments that were more laughable than palpable.

Personally I am here to do a job to the best of my ability, provide knowledge to the homeowner about their lawn which includes what to watch for when others are doing the applications. It's the same advice I'd hope someone would tell me if they saw me pouring gasoline on a fire. I feel it's a public service and if I were an offending party I wouldn't expect a happy customer nor a loyal one...are some of you lawn boys listening?

So hopefully this will be the last post about this subject and I can get back to telling you how to have a green lawn instead of worrying about those green with envy.

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