Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Wynne- lose

Usually I post tips and advise about lawns, but today I'm going to take another road.

Last week I was privileged to speak at an OSEB success night. OSEB is an acronym for Ontario Self Employment Benefit. It is an awesome program that taught me every aspect of running a business when I had no idea.  It is a 42 week guidance initiative, with seven weeks of class room, financial assistance, monthly business coaching and the creation of a top notch business plan suitable for any bank. As a result, eight years later, I was asked back to speak with a new class of entrepreneurs about what has made me successful and pass on advise to these new businesses.

I was sad to learn on my visit, the OSEB program will be shut down in 2016 by the Ontario Liberals.
I guess they need the revenue for some other venture, another gas power plant perhaps? That's right the people have a long memory Kathleen/ Dalton.
No one should be surprised. After all, this is the same government that says it is ok to eat produce treated with pesticides, you just can't walk it...well, unless you're playing golf, or sodding the lawn. That is permitted.

All I know is, this program was one of the few bright lights to come out of any governing body. It was able to transition people from welfare to creating jobs and add to the small business engine that helps run our economy.

Most of my alliances are graduates of the OSEB program and exceptional people who do outstanding work. It is unfortunate the level of consistency and passion will end if we stand by and do nothing.

If you want to add your voice to those who wish this program to continue, go here. Hopefully the roar of discontent will be loud enough to alter this program's fate.

Yet, if the decision, like the one to cancel OSEB, becomes final, there's another acronym the Ontario Liberals should get used to from the small business community- GFY!