Monday, September 12, 2011

As the crane flies, or the chinch that stole business

As you can see I was a little torn between the best title to represent this year in lawn care, not just for me, but for everyone in the industry.

Surely the Apocalypse must be coming as we saw every infestation except locusts. With the drought in July how could we not?

I can't recall a year this bad for all manner of pests, Chinch Bug, Sod Webworm, Japanese Beetle, and now Crane Flies. You name it, I could point out damage somewhere. If you think,"well, it's just one of those years", think again especially next Spring when the Leatherjackets start feeding on your lawn courtesy of all the Crane Fly activity you are now seeing.

With few products available to treat this relentless attack, I'm finding more and more people I talk to, are bringing back a little something-something from state-side to try and save their property and maintain their curb appeal--- Carbaryl, 2-4-D, Mecaprop, Dicamba; garden centres south of the border must think they've died and gone to God's green acre.

Now, it's not that these people are criminal and thrive on administering forbidden chemical treatments to their turf--- quite the contrary. They are law-abiding citizens, who pay their taxes and are doing their best to get by. They are simply fed up with the decisions made for them by a chosen few to appease a chosen few and after all they are aware that it's not illegal to have the good stuff, just to use it.

Honestly, putting the products back in the hands of the professionals at least, to me, makes sense and those who choose to treat their lawns could do so properly without injury to turf, or environment. They could make sure the applicators are licenced and regulated, not some student who could give a rat's ass about what he's applying to your lawn. I think this is fair.

Hey, this is just my opinion. I will abide by whatever law is set down...I couldn't afford the fine anyway.

But I'm concerned with the underground applications which now seem rampant, eventually more harm than good might come from the pesticide prohibition. I mean there are some still applying left over Diazanon, a pesticide that affects the nervous system.

Do you really want your neighbour applying this product to their lawn because they can't buy a reasonable alternative?

Yet, there is a provincial election coming up in October, so take a good long look at your lawn, at your neighbours lawn, at the lawns in your community and remember when you fill out your ballot who put these wheels in motion in the first place.

Normally I'd say this is none of my business, but it is my business- one which I want to keep and continue to the best of my ability. As it stands now, that is becoming extremely difficult to do.

Politicians will always be politicians, but you still have the power to send a message.

Make it loud and clear.