Thursday, October 30, 2014

Witch hunt!

Recently, I was applying a fall fertilizer with Fiesta spot control when a woman went off on me about how I was poisoning her and defying the bylaw by spraying the lawn.
She was quite adamant and even had a flu mask pressed to her face as she yelled at me.

I made repeated attempts to explain Fiesta was a class 11 weed control approved by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency, but she wouldn`t listen. She just kept going on about what I was involved in an illegal activity and backing away from me like I was ham at a Bar mitzvah.

The sad part, she's not the only one. At least once, or twice a day, mostly from May through June, I have watch-dogs asking me about what I'm spraying. Usually Fiesta (no smell), or Super Green 3 (eucalyptus), or a mix of them both.

The scary reality Is, this is how your lawn care technician is perceived by some people - like Al-Qaida lurking in your bushes, or a drug dealer with the turf's next fix of illegal substances.

Has the government been that effective in their propaganda that they have tied all pesticides to environmental terrorism?...because that s how it feels to me. It has become a sad state of affairs when I have to endure verbal accusations while I'm trying to make an honest living.

For god's sake people! It's been 5 years since the law changed. Where the hell do you think I have access to stock piles of tri-kill?

I've done nothing to incur this behavior yet, I feel like I've been tied to the stake as the flames encroach ever higher. Persecution? Discrimination? They are two words I use mainly because two word expletives seem to fall on deaf ears. Maybe I just need to get out of Salem until some sanity is restored. I definitely need to grow some thicker skin.

On the bright least if the lawn care industry goes ass end up, I can always start pedaling meth. I'd probably come under less scrutiny.