Friday, January 2, 2009


Hello and welcome to the Grass is Greener Blog- A place to find tips and information on creating a healthy, pesticide-free lawn.

Here I will try to answer questions and concerns,I feel are on the minds of the homeowner who wants that lush green look to his property while operating under the current provincial standards for cosmetic lawn applications as they apply here in Ontario.

This may not be specific to your area yet, but could at some point be instituted. If and when that happens you'll be better prepared to adapt to your environment.

The problem is, we've dedicated years to the control of weeds and insects by the use of herbicides and pesticides. We've created super weeds and bugs that have a higher tolerance to the chemicals applied and the concern now is, "how can I effectively maintain my lawn in an organic manner without loosing my turf to one infestation, or another?"

The truth is, there are no miracle cures at the moment, or at least, nothing that works as quickly as the tried-true 2-4-D/ Merit, etc.

Yet, although the rules have changed, there are practices you can adopt instead of waving the white flag to grubs and dandelions.

Practices I will explore here, over the coming months.

Together, we can make your world more eco-friendly.

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