Friday, January 30, 2009

Go big, or go green

In my last post I mentioned the importance of doing your home work before choosing a lawn care company. The following blog is the reason why this is so vital.

Yesterday I got a call from one of the larger Lawn Care companies touting their supremacy and why I needed their service.

They claimed the corner on the market in organic weed control, trust, customer service, and absolute satisfaction guarantee. "We're not like the other companies out there", I was told.

They never seemed to clue into the fact that I was a lawn service provider myself, even though I politely answered the phone, "Durham Lawn Jockey, Craig speaking."

So, I decided to go through the process of listening to the pitch while trying to fend off the constant push for me to sign for the year.
Keeping my friends close and my enemies closer as-it-were.

Since I'm aware of the current products in place for today's pesticide free application, I decided to test their knowledge and asked what they used to control weeds.

"Sarritor," I was told to control weed(s).

fact: Sarritor was developed at McGill University for the control of dandelions. It has relatively little effect on other broad leaf weeds.

So much for effective weed control.

When I said, I had heard the product had been ineffective when used last year I was told, "Yes, but we've worked out all the kinks and all is good now."

So much for the satisfaction guarantee last year at least.

I was also told they were the only company that had this miraculous cure for my weed problems, followed by a gentle push to get me to sign.

I then informed them that another company was also using this product. I knew this because it was in their flyer last year before I tossed it into the recycle bin.

"Yes," I was told. "But we own the company and have first priority for Sarritor. The other company can't get as much as we can."

Was that a lie then that you are the only ones with Sarritor? So much for trust.

They then informed me that if I signed now, I'd get a free chinch bug control.

"Wow', I said "What do you use for that?"

After putting the phone down to check they came back on line to tell me Delta Guard followed by another gentle push to sign up.

It is true the product is used in granular form to control insects, however, the bag doesn't list chinch siting a control for ants, cockroaches, fleas, ticks. Regulations stipulate that products are for the control of listed target pests only. I disregard this protocol and I could lose my license.

"Are you ready to sign?" I was asked.

"No", I replied. "Not until I talk it over with my wife."

"But if you don't want it you can tell us at anytime."

"I'm telling you now," I said. "Don't sign me up. Don't send a technician to my door until I've talked it over with my better half."

Frustrated, they finally said all right and hung up with so much as a courteous goodbye.

Next day a technician shows up at my door against my wishes.

So much for customer service.

For the record and speaking from experience: you are like most of the other companies out there.

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