Monday, March 20, 2017

Getting that spring feeling

Right now, your lawn probably looks a little brown and is covered with debris. After a long winter this is common. The lawn hasn't eaten since last fall and it's waking up hungry.

But once you remove the broken branches and the dog mess (if applicable), the other issues can be easily mended.

Traces of snow mould and minor salt damage can be repaired with fertilizer, salt stopper and seed.

Same goes for those annoying snake-like tracks caused by voles.

Lime will help dry out moss and help correct any PH issues.

With grubs on the increase again last year, there may be digging activity from skunks/ raccoons, or perhaps you have a mole problem. Depending on the severity you may need fox, or coyote urine pellets to deter further damage. Unfortunately there is no treatment for over-wintering grubs at this time of the year and you simply have to deal with it.

Anyone who touts nematodes as an answer can see you and your wallet coming from a mile away. The truth is, the grubs are too big to control at this stage and putting nematodes down in the spring is a waste of money.

Opening up the soil for natural predators, like birds, is an option with aeration, but keep in mind not to do it too early, (mid April should be fine), or you could cause more damage to your lawn than benifit.
Also remember there are thousands of dormant weed-seeds in your lawn waiting for the right conditions and aerating in the spring can cause the turf to be needlessly weedy.

So do the minor things that are needed and soon you'll find a spring in your step as the issues, like that last snow fall, melt away and green returns to your lawn.

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