Sunday, September 25, 2016

Some of these lawns are not like the others

No denying, this has been a tough year for lawns. In fact, one of the worst I've seen and the importance of maintaining your grass with proper mowing and watering has never been greater, (like the lawn pictured above).

Yet, many homeowners just raised their hands in surrender and stopped proper practices, sighting financial reasons, hopelessness or just plain laziness as the reason.

You need to understand, there is no magic pill for your lawn care provider to correct the lawn issues over night, if you do not hold up your end of the bargain. We came to realize this season the weather was not going to be our ally back in May.

Then again, back in May you were probably cursing because your grass was growing too fast. So you let it go a couple of weeks and then scalped it putting-green short. As the first heat wave hit, your green lawn went brown in a matter of three days beat by the relentless sun. Without any natural precipitation the insects moved in and chinch bug, sod web-worm and army cut worm weakened your lawn further to allow the opportunistic weeds to take over creating one hell of a mess. Sound familiar?

I've seen lawns on the same route, done the same day, with the same products, go from those that are green and plush, (watered and cut properly), to brown, weedy and insect infested. Sometimes this is on the very same street.

Yes, grass is resilient and will recover over time with a little help, but in the meantime it is very frustrating to have to attach my company name to an unsightly lawn when I know everything was done correctly on my end.

Maybe the day is coming where in-ground sprinklers and proof of proper cutting techniques are prerequisites before we show up to treat the lawn. At least then we'll know we are in a partnership with a homeowner who cares about their lawn the way we do.

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