Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bombs away!

 This happy little contraption is a Japanese Beetle trap and they have been appearing in gardens everywhere since the beginning of July. Yet, from what I've been hearing/ seeing, the numbers are far below previous years.

So, what this means is, grub damage is probably going to be minimal to non-existent this year. This is not to say, lay off the nematode application. It's always a good idea to do what you can especially when you only get 50% efficacy from these microscopic worms that attack grub larvae.

It is also recommended, you take a walk through your lawn to see if there is any white moth activity. I've been seeing a lot of it this year and it is an indication that sod webworm may be a problem on your lawn. 

Even though grubs look to be less of an issue this year, don't set off the fireworks yet. Chinch bug damage is approaching its peek and I'm starting to see a lot of stress out there despite the frequent rain and cooler temperatures. Unlike grubs, Chinch are harder to control with the products we still have on the menu, (the use of Sevin is not permitted under the bylaw). Still, your best defence is a healthy lawn able to withstand this sudden intrusion- endophytic grass comes to mind.

As mentioned in previous posts Chinch are an insect very active when it's hot and dry and can cause extreme damage in a short period of time.

To slow down feeding apply a mixture of dish soap and water to the affected area and reseed the damage near the end of August with a high quality, endophytic grass seed. Forget Met 52 EC, or nematodes for control, they simply do not work well enough to warrant your time and money.
It is also prudent to add annual aeration to your lawn regimen since these insects hide in bunkers of thatch much of the time where they are harder to control.

So, "bombs away people!" Just make sure you have the right ammunition.

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