Monday, April 22, 2013

Today we're on the links

Happy Earth Day.

In previous years I have admittedly spent a little time on my soap box preaching, but I made a commitment to not do that this year.

This blog is meant to be about information regarding lawn care and since I'm not a politician, nor would I choose to be, I  prefer to stay away from that arena.

However, I do believe we are all entitled to as much information as we are willing to handle and for that reason I have chosen to post some links that make for interesting reading to help you formulate your own opinion.

One of the sites I subscribe to is Force of Nature. This is a site with very strong opinions concerning the pesticide ban, but also an excellent source for seeing the truth about the political agenda. I have come to see, sadly, this isn't about protecting the public and creating carcinogens where there weren't any. It isn't about how chemicals are evil and phosphorous in fertilizer may eat your children. It's all about the almighty dollar and who profits the most from these decisions.

Frequently asked questions about the Ontario pesticide ban.

MPP Ted Chudleigh's opinion on the OPB.

Cross-border shopping.

And then there's grubs.

Really, as I see it, you have three choices, do nothing, do it yourself, or have someone do it for you.

As far as the need for lawn care under any prohibition, unless you are really familiar about what to do, or you're cheating with outlawed products, you probably need lawn care more than ever. Sure you could surrender the turf to weeds and insects but we need grass to filter our air and if we lose it to infestations, artificial turf and rock gardens somewhere down the line there will be an impact.

It seems to me, every time someone implements a better mouse trap it ends up creating more problems in the long run. One of my favourite sayings is, "to see eternity in a seed one needs vision rather than eyesight."

Wake up and embrace the vision before all you're left with is hindsight.

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