Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: That's a wrap

What a year it was...ouch!

Yet, here are some things, in retrospect, I found were pretty funny about the 2011 lawn care season.

Many people expressed out-right disgust at the way the Provincial Liberals dictated a pesticide ban yet they still got re-elected even if, in a small victory, his Minister of the Environment- John Wilkenson, didn'

I bought a brand spanking new spray tank for one of my trucks, yet I had not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 separate problems with it this year. Too bad Rittenhouse isn't in the political arena, with a track record like that they probably would have been re-elected too. Anyway, tanks for the

The PMRA took away an organic application from all lawn care companies, neem oil, a natural pesticide that people in India have used for years and even brush their teeth with it. This in a year where Chinch Bug ruined many a lawn...and why? Because it's not registered for use as an insecticide...lmfao

There are new products on the market to help combat the infestations we saw this year, yet like Fiesta, cost more and require higher rates of application than previous methods. Someone's making money, but it isn't the lawn care industry...rotfl

Every time I needed rain, even when it was forecast, I didn't get it.
Every time I needed dry weather, even when it was forecast, I didn't get it.
Good to know somethings never change when it comes to forecasting the weather...lmfao

OMG! Yet, with all this laughing, I still have to ask, why is it that I'm crying so much?

All the best in 2012...honestly, it couldn't be worse.


  1. Your truck looks fantastic! I am sure you get a lot of positive reactions from it. There's nothing like a colorful truck wrap to improve on your lawn care marketing.

  2. Actually this will be the first year we'll have it during the season, but I'm looking forward to the feedback. Thanks.