Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Saying a whole lot of nothing

So...the IPM Symposium for 2011. If I don't type another word you already know all you need to.

Perhaps it was the smaller atmosphere of last year in Barrie, but this year's, all-in-one extravaganza in Toronto was nowhere near as informative, or interesting.

Most of the yawns came, as per usual, from the Ministry of the Environment-they never fail to disappoint.

A Study on leaching chemicals into the ground water, although of interest, I found more amusing as they were hard pressed to find waterways and tributaries in Ontario that didn't snake through farm land and golf courses. The result of lower contaminants in ground water stirred a "well duh" moment and not a true reflection on what's really happening out there unless you factor in the wasteful expenditure of tax payer's money.

Even the information on Fiesta just reiterated what I already knew: Two applications 30 days apart for effective control, the product is not systemic, applications over 30 degrees is a no-no and the product is outrageously priced. I was however, told to wait until next year for more results while further tests were conducted.

You think with the outlaw of adequate controls there might be a little urgency to develop more reliable organic controls. Yet the Lawn Care Industry only accounted for 4% of all pesticide use, so what's the rush right?

Perhaps if I had walked away with one of the door prizes I might have felt my time was better served, but all I see when I look at my IPM certification is no answers and a whole lot of nothing.

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