Monday, January 11, 2010

January is for cold and calling

You look outside; there's snow on the ground, it's cold out and you feel miserable from the lack of sun/ flu/ winter blahs. Bah! You just feel miserable.

Yet, the phone is ringing off the hook with annoying lawn care telemarketers like pesky summer mosquitoes, all wanting your business.

"I can't even see my lawn," you say.

It doesn't matter. They know you have one and now is the "unofficial" open season on potential lawn care customers.

That's right. As we speak, freckled-faced twenty-somethings with no idea of what your lawn health is about, other than it should be green, are ready to take your abuse.

For minimum wage and commission, they are going to try to sell you on their company for the next week to 10 days- the average life span of the telemarketer before they quit in a huff.

Then a new recruit will take their place and you'll probably get another call from the very same company.

So much for the National Do Not Call List.

What do they hope to accomplish by pestering you and pissing you off?...

That they pound you into submission, by wearing you down and get your business. "OK! I'll sign up! Just stop calling here."

This tactic doesn't work on everyone of course, but in baseball a batting average where the player gets on base twice out of every 10 at bats, is considered quite respectable.

And for those two new customers, you can expect that a lawn care technician, with about as much knowledge of your lawn as the telemarketer, will show up at your door when the season begins and start doing applications.

The sad, cold reality of it all is; no one seems interested in cultivating relationships with the customer anymore- they just want the money.

Is it any wonder the Lawn Care industry has such a bad name?

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