Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So as we enter another grub season, please be aware that, the king of the hill, Merit is no longer the treatment of choice for the European Chafer and Japanese Beetle. In fact, with nematodes, (microscopic worms), the only fairly effective control on the market, your options are limited.

I say, "fairly effective", only because there has to be a partnership between the lawn care provider and the homeowner concerning this application. three days of watering in are required for desired control.

Merit falls under the new bylaw and not even if you have a history of infestation, cry health hazard, or crawl into the Ministry's office dripping blood with grubs hanging from your various limbs, can you get an exemption, or approval to use this product.

I know, I've been on the phone to M.O.E. to find out if under certain circumstances it was permissible. Subsequently I've had to say goodbye to a few townhouse complexes that every year have had skunks and raccoons rip their turf to shreds searching for the tasty root-feeders.

But getting 72 different units to water in a nematode application for three days after- it's just not going to happen. The owners of the complex realize this and have decided to save their money for sod replacement.

Nematodes must also be kept refrigerated and applied in cloudy or rainy conditions- UV will kill them. On a day of unsettled weather where it's raining one minute and sunny the next, you could find yourself sitting in your truck for a chunk of time waiting for the appropriate window.

Yet, as an applicator I'm on the same playing field with other lawn companies out there and very willing to play by the new rules.

Don't get me wrong, although I still am a big fan of Merit, I have had a great deal of success controlling grubs using nematodes. However, unless you want to install a nine hole golf course, you are going to have to do your part and water, water, water.

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