Saturday, May 2, 2009

Aerating the dirty laundry

This week I started doing my aerations.

Why so late you ask?

I should ask you, why did you do your lawn so early?

I know some companies have been attacking neighborhoods with their army of students for weeks now, offering low priced aerations. Some, started...*gulp*... back in late March!

It's a competitive market place out there and I understand everyone wants to be the first to take the money off the street.

What you as a homeowner, don't seem to realize that aerating your lawn that early, to save a few bucks, is actually doing more harm than benefit.

Sure aeration is great for your lawn. I recommend it twice a year- spring and fall. It's great for compacted soils, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach and thicken the root base; breaks up thatch layers; promotes deeper root growth; even helps alleviate grub infestation, but not at the cost of destroying the composition of your soil.

You know how soggy the weather is in April. Do you think adding a heavy machine like an aerator to your soft lawn helps?

I don't tell you this because I want your business. I can't possibly service every lawn out there. I'm just asking you to think long term when it comes to your lawn. You want it to look nice don't you? To be healthy, thick, lush?

Is it really worth the $10 or $20 dollars you saved to be counter productive in reaching these goals?

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