Friday, March 27, 2009

Home Show and tell

Alas it's spring and every weekend there's a Home Show happening somewhere. Vendors are coming out of the woodwork after a long winter's hibernation- some in a rather grumpy mood.

Despite the economy, people are still willing to buy, but the perception is, competition for the dollar is fierce.

I saw this first hand at a recent Home Show I had the fortune to be represented at where more that one deck guy, more than one landscaper, more than one hot-tub sales dude all bumped one another for pole position like antsy racecar drivers.

I'm not saying they were all like this, but there were a few who refused to play nicely and resorted to under-handed tactics and- dare I say it? slander- to gain a competitive edge.

I'm from the old school of live-and-let-live. I understand people have families to feed and bills to pay- we all do, but there is enough work out there for everyone, if you have the ambition to find it and the commitment to follow through and deliver the job, or product.

Yet some will insist on trying to strong-arm others out of the arena. Personally I feel the consumer is smarter than they're given credit for and the transparencies of these companies are quite easily spotted.

So shape up guys. Play nice. The world's a big place. Put faith in your abilities not the animosity for your fellow handyman.

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